General Business Litigation

In today’s world, legal expenses are just one of the costs of doing business. At the eastern upstate New York firm of Ianniello Anderson we work with our clients to keep those costs down by resolving disputes quickly and being proactive about addressing emerging issues in order to minimize legal risks.

‘Our business litigation team’s motto is “Our clients make the deals…we make the deals happen.” This deal-oriented mindset is the reason we are able to reduce business litigation and its related costs.

When we are brought in to resolve a business dispute, our first step, if feasible, is to deescalate things and take the problem back to the negotiation table. The nature of the legal business means that, often times, we have worked with the attorney sitting across the table before. Your knowledge of how the business you are feuding with operates, combined with our knowledge of their attorney’s typical tactics and common outcomes in similar situations, quite often allows us to work out a settlement that is acceptable to both parties.

If negotiation fails, we are always ready to litigate, or to take things to an arbitrator or mediator.

If there is no legal emergency looming, the first thing we do when we take on a new business client is a risk assessment. Our team comes in and basically audits your policies and procedures for legal risk. The risks we identify are typically of a compliance nature. For example, clocking overtime hours has become a huge issue with the rise of technology that allows employees to check work emails and do other work tasks while at home.

Once risks have been identified, we then work with you to develop and implement solutions that will bring you into compliance and minimize legal risk. Just like an in-house general counsel would do, we work with your staff, and all of your other professional advisors, like your accountants, to make sure that our solutions actually work for your team, and aren’t just another pile of papers full of good intentions, sitting on a shelf gathering dust.

Consulting a business attorney before you have a problem may seem like a luxury you cannot afford, but it is most assuredly cheaper to work on minimizing risks before a problem arises than it is to triage a solution when you are already in trouble.

As our relationship progresses, it is our hope that our clients begin to feel like we really are their in-house counsel even though we are not in-house. We really make an effort to understand our clients’ work, so that we can help them achieve success in all of their endeavors and be the best litigators we can should we have to take a case to court on their behalf.

If you are a business in eastern upstate New York that has seen your legal expenses rise or has just recently run into legal trouble, contact the business litigation attorneys at Ianniello Anderson. Our experienced team of attorneys represents many businesses in the Albany, Troy, Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls and Clifton Park areas. Give us a call today at 518-371-8888 to schedule your free, initial consultation so you can learn more about how our work can benefit your business.

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