National Loss Mitigation

 Many lenders and servicers do not take advantage of the time and cost savings available
through loss mitigation foreclosure alternatives, such as loan modification agreements, short
sales, partial claims and deeds in lieu of foreclosure. Rather than waiting years for a
foreclosure case to resolve, these loss mitigation options can be completed in a matter of a few
months or less, resulting in the real property held as collateral being turned over far more
quickly, in much better condition, and with exponentially fewer expenses than a foreclosure
action. Investor incentives are also often available to both the lender/servicer and the
borrower, when loss mitigation options are successfully completed, and the borrower’s credit is
less adversely effected by a loan modification, short sale, partial claim or deed in lieu of
foreclosure, than by a foreclosure action.

The loss mitigation department at Ianniello Anderson, P.C. provides a single national source forloss mitigation legal and title work at competitive flat rate pricing to its lender and servicer clients. Rather than having to manage a large volume of files with an array of law firms and title companies throughout the country at varying fee rates, our lender and servicer clients can have Ianniello Anderson, P.C. handle all of their loss mitigation related needs, for properties in all 50 states (plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico) in one place and at flat rates across the
board. Our flat rate pricing makes it much easier for our clients to budget when processing
large defaulting loan portfolios.

Through our national network of attorneys, title agents and underwriters, we are able to provide
the title work, legal guidance, document preparation, closing and recording services necessary
in all 3,143 counties throughout the United States so that foreclosure alternatives such as loan
modification transactions, partial claims, short sales, and deeds in lieu of foreclosure can be
pursued and completed quickly and successfully. With a designated staff possessing over 100
combined years of title and real estate experience, our loss mitigation department stands apart
from others offering similar services in that it is designed with the highest level of security and
the latest software, specifically created for the loss mitigation field. This combination allows us
to meet tight turn times and deliver the title work and legal services needed to meet investor,
lender and servicer deadlines far in advance of such time frames.

Ianniello Anderson, P.C. can assist you in finding opportunities to transform previously non-
performing loans to performing assets for both you and your investors. Our goal is to alleviate
your workload, lessen your expenses, reduce your exposure to liability, and increase your
profitability through the foreclosure alternatives offered by the loss mitigation process.

The phone number for all our offices is 518-371-8888. Please call today to schedule an appointment.