Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Practice

The Cybersecurity and Data Privacy practice at Ianniello Anderson addresses the growing threat by cyber criminals and the expanding regulatory environment. Our attorneys hold advanced degrees in cybersecurity and data privacy and specialized certifications to address the practical aspects of cybersecurity and data privacy. We assist clients in establishing a cybersecurity framework that meets the needs of their business and protects both their business assets and their clients private information. We work with trusted professionals to pinpoint the specialized aspects of each business and put in place a cybersecurity plan that addresses the client’s needs while complying with federal and state laws.

In the event that a client is affected by a cybersecurity incident we also provide 24/7 breach response because we understand that one of the most important aspects of a cybersecurity plan is being able to stop an event and minimize the damage. We assist our clients in the moments following a cybersecurity incident by managing the breach response. We work with the cybersecurity and IT teams, insurance companies, and law enforcement to address the immediate needs of our clients as well as organizing the required breach reporting to federal and state authorities and required disclosure to those affected.

In the event that our clients have to litigate a claim based on a cybersecurity incident Ianniello Anderson also has an experienced civil and criminal litigation team ready to respond.